Learn How To Earn More Linden Dollars In Second Life Today!

There have been a lot of changes At Linden Lab this past year, so we need to think about new possibilities to earn lindens in Second Life. We’ll discuss for a moment some past ways we used to earn Linden

Some changes were made to the terms of services, but stores and club owners would pay you to stay at their location. This was called camping, but it is now illegal

Another change Second Life made was the outlawing of casinos! You could own one and make a lot of money. But not anymore!

Escort services aren’t illegal, but Linden labs has made it harder to market and promote this type of business.

Sploder balls:
The Sploder ball, this was the club owners dream. Residents would pay the object a set price of your choosing, and one winner would receive the biggest lump of the jackpot.

I could continue to ramble off more and more ways that we used to make money, but you won’t benefit from that! You didn’t come here to find out ways that you won’t earn lindens, you want to find out how to earn them today.

So let’s begin!

With today’s Linden economy, it’s imperative that we figure out new ways for you to make money. The truth is, earning lindens in Second Life is not getting easier. No, every day it’s steadily getting harder. How come? Will the truth is, more people are coming into this virtual world every day. And they want to do exactly what you’re doing, and that’s to earn money.

So here are my three top picks to earning lindens in Second Life!

#3 Club:

My number three pick, is there because of the longevity that I’ve seen these types of businesses have in Second Life. My reason is simple, turning your club into an asset can happen multiple ways.

One way that your club is an asset, is if you rent out shops. One thing to remember, is that your club is going to need a high traffic rating. This means you will have to have a lot of events at your location, to increase your traffic. As with any club, the music you play is extremely important. Also, make sure that you have good DJs that perform for you. The more people that you can get to stay at your location for longer periods of time, the higher your traffic rating will be. Place any stores or shops close to the dance floor. This will help the residents that come to your club, purchase products. One of the mistakes I’ve seen from club owners, is when they don’t have their shops close enough to the dance floor. Don’t expect your clubgoers to go looking everywhere inside your club. Especially if you become successful and you’re Sim becomes laggy.

The closer the shops are to the dance floor, the higher the rental price should be. This is what we call prime real estate, especially since a large part of sales made here. This is why the rental fee should be higher. Shops that are close to your landing point, should receive higher rental fees.The landing point is the location a resident arrives at when using a landmark.

I can’t stress this enough, this is a prime location!

The successful clubs use a mix of store rentals and affiliate marketing, capitalizing off of their high traffic to see a revenue explosion in their business.

#2 Affiliate Marketing:

Number two in my best ways of earning lindens in Second Life is affiliate marketing. Out of all the ways this really feels like it should be the number one way to earn lindens and Second Life, but I know better than to put it there. I know a lot of people they can’t do this effectively, but earning money in Second Life in the future, this really needs to be a part of your arsenal. If you pick great product and have good common sense about how you choose your locations and how you market those locations, you will be extremely successful with affiliate marketing.

There are 2 ways to earn money in Affiliate marketing:

One way is as product creator, in which you create a product package it up into vendors, and give a percentage of your sales to other Second Life residents who sell your product.

The second way is by selling the product as an affiliate. You will find the commission by finding locations to market that product.

Again I truly believe this should be the number one way to earn lindens within Second Life. Unfortunately not everyone knows how to market products, so we’ll leave it at number two.

#1 Product Creator / Store Owner

The number one way of earning revenue in Second Life is product creation.

Let’s say you have a hot pair of new sneakers, you’ve just made, and want to sell. Since you are the product creator, all you have to do was marketed properly and it becomes an instant asset for you. Let’s say if all of your upload costs at up to 500 lindens, for the textures and the artwork. You now only need to price those shoes at 250 lindens, and sell two shoes to recoup your investment.

How’s that for ROI!

I know I’m gonna get a lot of boos from the cheap seats, because real estate did make the chart. Fact is this year a lot of people that I know in real estate close their businesses. More of my friends who make products, are still in business. This makes product creation the best way of making lindens in Second Life.

Now the only problem, why I was shaky on number two not being number one, is because though this is the best way of earning income in Second Life, you have to know how to make good products. This is a huge hurdle for a lot of people. This was the main reason why I was leaning more towards affiliate marketing being my number one pick. Because if you’re selling other people’s products, then you don’t have any learning curve on the creation of the product itself. You just buy your affiliate package, place them up at your location to start earning revenue immediately.

You’ll stumble across many ways of earning lindens inside Second Life, I’m just not gonna go into all of them at the moment. These are the ones that I have found to work the best.

Again, real estate is not on my top list, due to its lack of consistency.

With sales, add more product earn more money, then add even more product. With some smart marketing, this slow building asset, can earn you consistent growth every month.

Once you complete your research and find a good location for your shop or club, stay at that location and don’t move around. As Second Lifer’s landmark your location, don’t lose all the work you’ve put into marketing your club or store, by moving. So again pick a good location and stay there! If they can’t find you guess what? You’ve lost the sale!

Well that’s my scenario for how to make the best out of earning more lindens in Second Life.

Make sure you go to the website to see my affiliate product of choice, which can be found at http://earnlindendollars.soulphoniks.com


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